The Truth About Hair Extensions

Updated: Mar 23

In this blog, we’re diving into the TRUTH about hair extensions and all the myths and misconceptions that come with them! We discuss damage, longevity, benefits and what you can use them for.


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Will They Damage My Hair?

The short answer for this common misconception is no! Hair extensions when installed professionally and cared for properly will not damage your hair at all. In the past, hair extensions did have a rather bad reputation, simply due to the lack of options available. Clip in extensions were known to be visible in the hair and cause strain on the follicles due to poorly designed clips, which pulled at the root. Whereas, nowadays, there are so many hair extension alternatives which are kind to the hair, causing absolutely no damage. Our preferred method of extensions are tapes. Tapes are very difficult to cause damage, they’re lightweight and do not pull on your hair, they grow out with your own hair and do not tug or pull.


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Will They Look Fake?

No! Our extension specialists are properly trained to help position and blend the extensions with your natural hair to create a seamless finish. We’ve all seen our fair share of questionable extension photos shared on social media, however this problem is merely down to either an untrained technician or someone trying to use cheap extensions. During your consultation, your chosen technician will spend time getting to know your hair and your personal requirements. For example, do you tie your hair up frequently? That way they can position them differently as opposed to someone who always has there hair down. Or if someone has thick hair and another has thin, this will vary the amount of extensions it will require to create a seamless blend. You can put your faith in us to ensure that your extensions blend seamlessly and beautifully, no one would ever know that it’s not your real hair!


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What Can I Use Them For?

Extensions aren’t only for length, they also work great for adding thickness as well as colour variation. Your extensions don’t have to be the exact same colour as your hair for them to blend seamlessly. Our talented extension specialists can blend colours to give you a more dimensional and fuller look.


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What Is The Maintenance Like?

Looking after your extensions is pretty easy. As the tapes grow out with your natural hair, the extensions will need to be removed and re-taped every 6‑8 weeks in order to keep your hair healthy and the quality of your extensions high.


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How Long Do They Last?

The hair is re‑usable as many times as you would like, however we do recommend to get new extensions after 2 re-tapes. It does depend on client to client, as you re-tape we then cut and re‑shape to blend them into your natural hair, and obviously as it is an extension the length will not grow back as your natural hair would. Similar to natural hair, it is also normal for hair to fall out as time goes on, this could be from brushing, washing etc. so getting fresh, new and full extensions every 3‑4 months ensures you have the best look and feel for your hair.


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Are Extensions Real Human Hair?

We use Seamless1 Hair Extensions which is one of the top global leading brands, and they are 100% human hair.


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Are Extensions Painful?

When installed correctly, not at all. Sometimes when installed too tightly and not positioned in the right way, they can pull and tug on your natural hair, leaving you uncomfortable.


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Will Extensions Help Me Grow My Hair?

Hair extensions can help you maintain the health of your hair and grow it out as long as you take care of them correctly.


Extensions are available in a variety of different colours and lengths and amounts to suit each individual client. Click the link below to book in your hair transformation!

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