The Easiest Way To Manage Regrowth

Are you sick of having a harsh regrowth strip every 8 weeks ?

Our aim as blonde hair experts is to help you achieve your blonde hair goals - whatever they may be! But lets face it, sometimes, they may be to spend less time and money coming back at the salon all the time , which we totally get.

1 billion back to back foils isn’t the key to a great blonde.... it doesn’t matter how fine your highlights are, you’ll still have that strip after 6 weeks if they are placed a particular way.

We love to soften out a harsh “band-y” regrowth like the colours on the left , to make it like the colours on the right.

We like to also make that face frame pop when you have a bit more texture, ensuring you still feel super bright.

It’s all still foils, but it’s all about that perfect placement and colour technique. Adding in something so small as a root smudge can help you achieve bright blonde locks with less maintenance.

This will help you to get potentially 3-6 months out of your blonde-without it looking hideous.

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