Lowlights 2022 hair trend

Lowlights are the new 2022 hair trend in Sydney hair salons. Show off your layers and enhance your highlights! Lowlights are everything your hair needs in 2022.

What are Lowlights?

Lowlights are the base colour to your highlights. You could almost describe them as the opposite of your highlights! People who want a bright blonde sometimes get scared of lowlights as your darkening sections throughout the hair, but they work together to give you natural and healthy looking hair and in-turn can make your highlights appear brighter as they contrast each-other beautifully.

Lowlight Inspiration:

To convince you even more, here are some of our favourite celeb lowlight looks to make you fall in love with the lowlight trend.

Gigi Hadid

The use of lowlights on Gigi Hadid, giving her a dimensional blonde look with the perfect loose wave.

Kim Kardashian

A mix of lowlights and highlights to create a rich caramel blonde, lowlights can make your lighter sections pop without any excessive lightening

Jennifer Lopez

Lowlights are key when it comes to the lightness and beautiful sandy tones of JLo’s hair. It adds the perfect contrast of colour with definition and pops of brightness through out.

Rosie Huntington-Whitely

Achieves that effortless looking blonde with a lowlight/highlight mix.


The 2022 Lowlights trend is swarming through Sydney hair salons and is something you have to jump on! Book in with one of our stylists to discuss your next hair transformation, incorporating lowlights.

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