How To Prepare For Your Hair Appointment

Updated: Apr 5

As much as our stylists can create beautiful and dreamy hair, our stylists can only do so with a little bit of guidance, this is to ensure you feel like your best self walking out of our salon. We’re not mind readers that can create whatever your thinking of.

The truth is, no stylist can read your mind (unfortunate, we know! :P) and with the large variety of colours, cuts, hair extensions and everything else that’s a part of this job, it’s inevitable to give your stylist a few pointers.

Here’s how you can prepare for your next appointment to make sure you and your stylist are. on the same page, and you walk out of the salon with exactly what you always wanted.

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If your a new client, this is where you can share all of your hair dreams with your stylist and get kickstarted on your hair transformation journey, if your a current client, it’s best to let your stylist know what you want to achieve with your next hair appointment and then have a refresher conversation when that time comes.

Our stylists need to make sure they have enough time to pull the look off for you, and if you come into the salon asking to go blonde in one day, when you’re a dark brunette, you might have to walk out the same door and come back another day. It’s not because stylists want to turn you away, in fact its the opposite, they can give you exactly what your looking for, but they just need a little bit of notice to prepare for the transformation ahead.

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Have some inspiration pictures:

You’ve heard of the saying that sharing is caring, right? In this case, if you care about your hair, you will bring a picture that demonstrates exactly what you are looking for.

Think of it as a guarantee that your stylist will know what you want. Describing through DMs or texts or even in person in words only is never the same as showing pictures to your stylist. We don’t expect our clients to be down with all the hairdresser lingo, you’d be surprised by the amount of people that say they want an ashy blonde but show us a picture of a creamy blonde! When it comes to hair, communication is key and this ensures you walk out with exactly what you were hoping for!


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Keeping an open mind and listen to your stylist:

Sometimes what clients envision isn’t always possible in one session. This client (Pictured) had really heavy buildup of dark colour, to maintain the health of her hair and lift the colour properly, it took multiple sessions to get this result. Other times, what looks good on your favourite celebrity or on your best friend, doesn’t mean it will look good on you too.

Keeping an open mind and letting your stylist suggest their recommendations if necessary, what’s the best cut, colour and style for you will guarantee you walk out feeling beautiful. This ties in with the initial consultation, if what your after can’t be completed within one sitting, your stylist will make this known and make sure you understand whats required to reach your hair goals. We will do everything we can to get you to where you want to be, WITHOUT compromising your hair, don’t be fooled, their are some salons out there that will take you exactly where you want to go either in one session or without thinking about how it will look on you, this comes at a very expensive price and can cause immense damage and tears on the drive home :(


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Know what you want:

Walking into a salon and not really knowing what you want isn’t good for any of us. We get there are so many options, but we do need to have some sort of guide. Do you want to colour your hair? Do we want to be blonde or brunette? Do you want a trim or layers added? Make sure you have some sort of idea and explain this to your stylist so they can

work their magic.


Use Your Words:

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By this we mean, don’t try to be too trendy and pretend to know the hair terms and lingo if you really aren’t sure what they mean. This is one of the main reasons you may walk out of the salon unhappy with your hair.

We’ve seen it all, people saying they want an ashy blonde, but showing us inspiration pics of a creamy blonde, or even people showing us pictures of 3 different types of blonde and saying they like all of them. Show us pictures and explain the best you can without trying to use the terms. This is our job as hair stylists to explain this stuff to you, sometimes clients mix these up and they end up walking out of the salon with hair they didn’t actually want.


Don't experiment with your hair, and be prepared to communicate openly with your stylist. It's the only road to mutual happiness! Book in for a free consultation or for your next hair transformation and discuss your hair goals with our team.

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