How to pass the time at your hair appointment

So your sitting with us for a few hours and don't know what to do to keep occupied? Let alone how to keep a conversation for 3 hours with your hairstylist?!?! Here are some things you can do to help the time fly!

Bring AirPods and watch Netflix

The easiest and most chill pass time, catch up on the latest season of whatever your watching, or begin a movie series binge.

Ask For A Drink

Rose All Day? Coffee, Tea, Cocktail, Champagne or just plain Jane water, our new beverage menu is packed full of drinks for whatever mood your feeling.

Start Reading That Book

Been struggling to find time to just sit and read? Getting your hair done is the perfect time to start reading that book you’ve been meaning to get to! What better way to pass the hours and feel like your accomplishing something!

Catch Up On A Podcast

Whether your a murder mystery or motivation gal, podcasts are the perfect way to keep interested and not get bored while sitting through your hairs processing time.

Clean Out Your Phone Camera Roll

Something we all need to do, but NEVER get around too, clear that camera roll and make some room for your new hair transformation! #SELFIE

Create A New Playlist

Need a new gym playlist? Maybe something to listen to on the commute to work? Chuck your AirPods in and get to mixing up some new bangers to listen to.

Plan Your Next Holiday

After being stuck in Sydney the last 3 years with Covid and lockdowns, jump onto google and start planning your next getaway!

At Coco21 Caringbah, we offer a "Silent Service" If you're coming to the salon for some much needed 'Me Time' please feel free to mention this and we will keep the small talk to a minimum so you can enjoy this time for yourself.

If you're due for a colour refresh, just click the button below to book in with our talented team today!

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